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2023/06/12 15:18

[Content License Clause]

This clause is a contractual provision regarding the license to use digital content products between the purchaser and tertius onlineshop and zyuzai.jp (hereinafter referred to as "tertius/zyuzai"). It explains the terms of use for photo images and other content for which a license is granted to the purchaser by tertius/zyuzai. By downloading content from tertius/zyuzai, the purchaser agrees to and accepts the terms of this agreement.

1、Content License Usage Terms

The purchaser may use the content in any manner that is not prohibited or restricted (exceptions to prohibitions or restrictions are specified below). Within these prohibitions, restrictions, and the scope of this clause, the rights granted to the purchaser by tertius/zyuzai are as follows:

・There is no expiration date for the downloaded content.

・The purchaser does not have exclusive rights to use the content.

・tertius/zyuzai may license the same content to other users.

・The content can be used in all regions of the world.

・There are no restrictions on the projects and media in which the content can be used (except for the exceptions listed below).

・The content is royalty-free and can be used multiple times within the scope of this clause, and modifications are also allowed.

2、Intellectual Property Rights

tertius/zyuzai owns the licenses for various content.

・There is no need to provide photo credits for commercial use.

・When using the content for press or editorial purposes, the purchaser must include the following credit: "tertiusonlineshop/zyuzai.jp" in close proximity to the content or within the created work.

・The license granted to the purchaser is non-transferable and non-sublicensable.

・If the purchaser makes a license purchase on behalf of a legally authorized employer or client, the employer or client can use the content under these terms and restrictions.

・The purchaser may enable subcontractors or resellers to use the content in the process of creating final products. However, these subcontractors and resellers are prohibited from using the content for other purposes.

・The use of the content for various commercial goods and services that have significant value in themselves is generally prohibited. However, there are exceptions, so please contact us if you have any specific requests.

3、Exceptions and Prohibited or Restricted Usage

・Watermarked images displayed on the product site may only be used for layout and image quality confirmation.

・The content cannot be used in a manner that violates public order and morals, including sexual industries, explicit sexual depictions, defamation or slanderous expressions, illegal activities, incitement to violence or hatred, methods contrary to relevant laws and industry regulations, or support for antisocial forces.

・The purchaser is not allowed to use the content in a form that enables downloading, extraction, or redistribution as standalone files.

・The content cannot be used as a distinctive element of trademarks, design marks, corporate names, trade names, service marks, or logos.

・It is generally prohibited to use content depicting individuals or properties in sensitive subjects that may generate undesirable topics or controversies.

・The purchaser is prohibited from falsely representing themselves as the author of works created using a part or majority of the content.

・The content cannot be used for "on-demand" products or services that can be customized on a made-to-order basis, electronic or digital templates for resale or distribution, or for machine learning, artificial intelligence-related purposes, or technologies for personal identification.

4、Returns, Exchanges, etc.

tertius/zyuzai does not provide refunds, reimbursements, or file returns for downloaded digital content files. However, if there are clear technical issues with the digital content file itself at the time of download, tertius/zyuzai may, at its sole discretion, provide assistance as deemed necessary.


・In no event shall tertius/zyuzai be liable for any damages incurred by the purchaser as a result of the digital content based on this clause.

・In the event of a violation of this clause by the purchaser or any third party stakeholders, including the purchaser, tertius/zyuzai shall not be liable for any damages or claims related to such violations.

・This license clause may be changed without prior notice.

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