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 材質=チタン合金製 ※ネジは除く


"zerobase" is an eyewear brand that creates unique products by combining traditional craftsmanship and a modern approach. The creator, who is a first-class carpenter, handcrafts all of the popular sunglasses products. The high-quality UV400 lenses are made in Sabae, Fukui, which is the birthplace of eyeglasses in Japan, and the color of the titanium alloy nose pads can be customized when purchasing.(*Please allow an additional 4-7 days for lens replacement arrangements.)

⚫︎Brand: zerobase
⚫︎ Rim type: #Z-1
⚫︎Front & frame material: Outer = natural solid black walnut, inner = natural solid black walnut
⚫︎ All handmade finish
⚫︎ Product weight: approximately 28 grams
⚫︎ Country of manufacture: Japan
⚫︎ Lens: Made in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
⚫︎ Lens color: Komo G UV400 (transmittance rate 19%)
⚫︎Nose arm & nose pad: Material = Titanium alloy (excluding screws)
⚫︎Nose arm color: Silver
⚫︎Nose pad color: Gold
⚫︎Hinge: Spring movable type. Temple material = Titanium alloy, Front fastener material = White metal, Screw parts material = Stainless steel.
⚫︎Accessories for the Product
・Original Wooden Eyewear Case (Black Walnut, Handmade)
・Warranty Card (1-year warranty)
・High-Quality Lens Cleaner Made in Japan
⚫︎This products that can be shipped overseas.
⚫︎The listed price includes the consumption tax in Japan.
⚫︎The shipping cost for overseas delivery via EMS will be charged separately.

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*This item can be shipped outside of Japan.

商品サイズ詳細 / Product Size Details

A フロント横幅:140mm
B フロント縦幅:45mm
C レンズ横幅:46mm
D レンズ縦幅:36mm
E ブリッジ幅:16mm
F テンプル長さ:145mm


A Front Width: 140mm
B Front Height: 45mm
C Lens Width: 46mm
D Lens Height: 36mm
E Bridge Width: 16mm
F Temple Length: 145mm

*The measurements are listed based on priority, and there may be slight errors.

*Nose Arm Color = Silver, Nose Pad Color = Gold

カスタマイズ(1) レンズカラー / Customization Lens Color


We use lenses made in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, known as the birthplace of eyeglasses. For your first purchase, you can freely customize your lens color from 32 different UV400 color lenses. *Please allow an additional 4-7 days for lens replacement arrangements.


UV400/32 Color Lens Chart Made in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture
*The link will open a PDF in a new tab.

カスタマイズ(2)ノーズパッドカラー / Customization Nose Pad Color


We offer titanium alloy nose pads, made possible by Japan's world-class titanium technology. They hardly fade or deteriorate in quality, and are unlikely to cause metal allergies, providing peace of mind. For your first purchase, you can customize your nose pad color from five different options. *Note: Nose arm changes are not possible.

蝶番(ヒンジ)バネ / Hinge (Butterfly Spring Hinge)

付属品 / Accessories for the Product

・保証書 (1年間保証)

・Original Wooden Eyewear Case (Black Walnut, Handmade)
・Warranty Card (1-year warranty)
・High-Quality Lens Cleaner Made in Japan



[Confirmation and Notes-1]
1、The main body of this product is made of natural solid wood, so it will undergo changes over time depending on the type and shape of the wood.
2、You can enjoy beautiful changes over time by regular care and maintenance.
3、The color of the entire product and various parts of the product may differ from the actual product due to the condition of your PC or mobile device, reflection of light when browsing, and connection environment of the place of use.
4、Please note that none of the above matters apply to initial defects or malfunctions.



[Confirmation and Notes-2]
Regarding changes in customization contents due to customer convenience after lens or nose pad color customization process... After payment is confirmed on this site, we will place an order for the various manufacturers of the lenses and nose pad colors in question. Therefore, changes to each color etc. cannot be made after payment confirmation. If you still wish to change the color after payment confirmation, additional customization fees will be incurred, and payment will be made by bank transfer based on a separate estimate, so please be aware of this in advance.



[Confirmation and Notes-3]
Regarding cancellation of the eyewear product main body after it has been ordered... You can generally cancel the order only when the product you ordered is in the status of "not yet shipped or shipping in progress." Also, cancellation procedures may vary depending on the payment method you selected.

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